Hi and welcome! 

My name is Haydée, I am an astrologer and healer from Denmark.

I have a background of studying English and History of Religion at the University of Copenhagen, and have always harboured a deep-seated interest in the worldviews of different, and especially ancient, societies. I still find it to be an intriguing subject.

I am what you might call an intuitive astrologer. My background and primary inspiration comes from Medieval Astrology, which is also the branch of astrology I am educated in, but I am also inspired by spiritual astrology and other branches. As a typical Gemini I am forever curious and always want to learn more.
For the Astrologically inclined I can tell you that I have the Sun in Gemini, the Moon in Aquarius and that I am Scorpio rising.


I have worked as a healer since 2009, and have clients all over the world. But it came to a point where I simply had more work than I could keep up with, so I decided to start working with group healings instead of single healings, that way I can help more people, and combine Astrology with healing. Working with the lunar energies felt like coming home, and the moon healings are now one of my primary focuses in my work.