Wishing with the New Moon

At every New Moon you have a chance to boost the things you want to attract in life.


This is what used to be called Moon Magic, but really it is just a simple matter of energy.


The Moon affects us, just as it does with everything else on earth. Think of the tide, herbs, trees, flowers. It is perfectly measurable that at the New Moon a tree contains less water, than it does at the Full Moon. That is because the New Moon starts a cycle of attraction. At the New Moon every 14 days (appr.) the energy flows changes, and starts attracting. So with the trees for example, you can see that in the New Moon period the trees suck up more water, and by the Full Moon the release water, and continue releasing it for the Full Moon period of 14 days, an eternal cycle just like the ebb and flow. And considering that we humans contain about 70 percent water, it would be odd, if we weren't affected by this as well. And of course we are, just look at the natural female cycle, look at all the people that can’t sleep at the Full Moon because the energies are so vibrant that they just can’t relax. The word Lunatic, which of course stems from Luna, the Moon, as in being Moon-sick etc.


So the Moon (as well as all the other planets etc.) obviously affects us in a very real way. So how can we use this to our benefit?

It is a matter of energy flow. The planetary spirits do a beautiful dance, and invite us to join in. So in order to dance with these energies, we need to know how they work. We need to learn the steps for this dance.


And with the New Moon energies attract. So here we can focus on whatever it is that we wish to attract in life. We can do this by keeping a New Moon Journal. In this journal we write our wishes, by the New Moon.


So the basics for New Moon wishes are as follows:


~ Write a maximum of ten wishes, more than that will spread the energy too thin. Try writing at least three, if you only have one specific thing you want to focus on, then try going at it from different angles, so that you are focusing the energy on your wish from different perspectives.


~ These wishes are to be written in a New Moon journal, they are not to be burned, like the Full Moon wishes. The New Moon wishes are what we want in our life, so they are to be kept. Plus it is kind of fun to go back, and see that your wishes actually did manifest. :)


~ Remember that this is about you. You cannot wish something for anyone else. If you want someone else to change in some way, the only thing you can do, is wish that you will say or do the right thing, to inspire them to see your point of view for example IF it is in accordance with their higher plan of light. You do NOT want the karmic consequences of messing with someone else’s higher plan of life.


~ Be careful what you wish for. Think it through. Phrase your wishes carefully. And feel them, they have to feel right. If they feel off, rephrase, or even wait with that wish. Maybe the timing is off, maybe something is still waiting to happen in your life, that will completely change your view of that specific wish. So listen to your body as you write them. If there is rejection in you the wish in off. If you feel happy or relieved or another positive bodily reaction then your wish is spot on :)


~ Love..Love is a many splendored thing, and here we really need to be conscious of our wishes.. It is perfectly ok to wish for mr. Right. Just don’t give him a name.If your heart yearns for a specific person, it is very tempting to wish for him or her specifically. But really you do not know what the universe is planning for you. Maybe he is not the right one for you. And if you insist on attracting the wrong gal or guy, maybe you will end up wasting precious time on a relationship that is never going to work, and miss the golden opportunity of running into the right mr. Right. So when wishing for love, focus your wording on attracting the perfect partner for you. Attracting the man or woman who will happily enter and joyful, loving, passionate relationship that is build on mutual respect, or whatever it is that rocks your boat when it comes to relationships, leave the name out of it. If he or she is the one, then that is who you will attract, if not, well, do you really want to waste your time on another wasted relationship, before running into the one who is truly meant for you? <3


~ Find out exactly what time the Moon is New, the power of the New Moon is greatest within the first 8 hours, but very active the first 48 hours. You can use the whole 14 day period of the New Moon cycle, but the energy has the most power within the first 48 hours. Unless the moon is void of course. If the moon is void of course, you have to wait until it has gone ‘direct’ again. As the things you do during a void of course moon will not last. And we do want these wishes to last, right? :) You can find time and void of course (voc) status many places online, I use www.lunarium.co.uk and their app iLuna,which you can download from their site. Or you can keep a look out for my News Letters here on Facebook, I will let you know the time, voc-status, sign etc. here. :)


~ Find out what sign the Moon is in, the sign affects the energy the Moon is working with.And that energy will work better with some subjects than others. This I will write about in my New Moon News Letters, giving you the themes that are particularly active with the specific Moon.


~ Always remember to add to your wishes, that whatever you wish for manifests in perfect and harmonious alignment with your higher plan of light, or in beautiful and harmonious way, or whatever feels right, so that your wishes will be manifested in the most positive way possible. There are many ways to grant a wish, and wishing for a lot of money for example, can manifest in many different ways both good and bad..


~ You have to write these wishes by hand.  Not on the computer. The process of writing something by hand starts a lot of energy in your bodies, it activates the energy of what you write in a much deeper way,and will bring you the best results. And be specific when you write your wishes. If they are too ‘loose’ in their phrasing, it hard for the universe to deliver.


So in short, be careful what you wish for. Start with figuring out what it really is that you DO want in your life, be it inspiration, good health, love, money, new job, better communications skills, higher self worth and love etc etc. The possibilities are endless, just keep it in the light, and about you and your processes. <3


If this whole New Moon magic thing is something you want to know more about, I highly recommend the books by Jan Spiller, they are easy to understand and very inspiring to read. :)


Enjoy the process!


Lots of Love and Light