How to work with the energies of the Full Moon


Here is a short guide to how to let go at the full moon. There are of course many ways to do this, but this is my preferred one. :)


At the full moon the energies change and begin to release, so we are letting go here.


The first thing you need to do is find out when the moon is full. And also whether it is void of course (voc).


A void of course moon is great for healing and meditation and reflections etc. But not so good for doing stuff that you want to last. So if you are doing a letting go ceremony during the voc moon. You can find out about the moons sign and voc status on many pages on the internet, my preferred app is iLuna, by Sirius Lab.


Once you know the time and voc status, which you can also find out about by reading my moon newsletters, which will be coming in English in the beginning of 2021, you are ready to start.


First find out what you want to let go of. And then write it down on a piece of paper,maximum 10 things, if you only have one subject, then approach it from different angles, so that it is specified n several points, there should be at least 3 things on your list, but it is ok if they approach the same subject.


When you write your list it is very important that you resonate with them. They have to feel ‘right’. If they feel ‘off’, then you need  to rewrite them, or perhaps even wait with that specific subject, maybe you are just not ready for it yet.


Also remember to add that whatever you want to let go of is released in perfect and harmonious ways, or in alignment with your higher plan of light, or in beautiful and miraculous ways or whatever feels right for you. So that you won’t be hit harder with the process than is absolutely necessary.


And remember that this is about you. This is only to be used on yourself, you cannot use this on behalf of others, we are not allowed to interfere with other people’s lives uninvited. We do not see the whole picture, and as much as we would like to help, we might end up doing more harm than good. 


And this is not to be used to harm anyone, if you use this energy for bad, then the karmic consequences will be immense, this is a tool of light, and it is very important that you are aware of this. It WILL backfire if you try to make gain on someone else’s loss,or if you deliberately try to cause harm.


Once your note is done, it is to be burned. And please make sure to ensure fire safety,have water with you, and burn the paper in a fireproof container like an oven safe bowl or something.


If you want to go all in, then you can also save some of your hair from your hairbrush from the last month, and burn that along with the paper, that way you can set the intention of letting go of everything in you that is ready to be released. Burning the old you, shedding your skin.


Once the deed is done, If you can, then take a bath or a shower, and imagine that all the residue energy from the process is washed away from you, the water cleansing you, body, mind and soul.


And always remember to give thanks. Thanks for the lessons learned, and thanks for this wonderful opportunity given to you by spirit and the universe, to make use of these magnificent energies. <3 


(for more details on the different themes ofthe moon in the signs I highly recommend the book New Moon Astrology by JanSpiller)



Enjoy your transformation!


Love and Light