Akashic Moon Healing


At selected New and Full Moons I will offer a group healing through the Akashic Records. The healing will be a distant healing.


I will open the Akashic Records for everyone joining in, and give distant healing through there. I will ask everyone's personal Akashic Masters to stand with each of you, so there will also be a strengthened connection for you to seek guidance from your masters at these events. Just be open, and ask your masters to bring you the answers you seek, and many of you will experience that a mesage comes through for you, either through words, images, emotions, a sudden knowing, or something else. Your experience is your own, and your masters will communicate to you in the way they see as the best for you. You will of course also receive healing, but you will not get any personal feedback on these evenings, I will make an announcement once the session is done (about 45 minutes) where I will write about which themes and energies, as well as any messages that came up for the group and if anything specific was worked on. 


If you join these sessions, please be aware that the healing energy needs a focus, it is important that you decide what you want healing for, or what you want clarity on. These healings will work with the Lunar energy, so they will attract at New Moon and release at Full Moon, so take that into account when you decide what you want your masters to help you with.


If you do the New Moon Lists I describe on the Moon pages here then have it with you while the healing is happening. If you write a list for burning on the Full Moon as described, then keep your focus on the things you wrote on that list for the healing. That way, the healing will enhance the energy that you created by making/burning the list, and put even more energy into manifesting what you wrote. 


How do I join?


The Moon Healings will be announced on my Facebook page here as well as in my news letters. And the usual hour for them will be at 7.00 pm London time, see what that is in your time zone here: timeanddate.com 

To attend, send me an email, and pay through the paypal button below. When I have registered your payment, I will write you on the list and include you in the healing. I will need your full name, and your current location (country and city). After the healing you will receive an e-mail will feedback on the energy and themes of the healing.


What do you do during the healing?


During the healing just relax, and focus on what you wish that your masters work on, and have a glass of water by your side during the healing. I will activate the water at the end of the session, and when the healing is done, you can drink the water. Once the healing is done, I will write an update to your e-mail with some feedback for the group as a whole. The healing usually lasts about 45 minutes. 

Join here


Price: 120,- Danish Crowns (dkr) 
(approximately 16 Euros, 14 £ or 18 dollars.

Paypal will convert it into the current amount in your currency) 


Pay through this Paypal button: